Solving Complex Systemic Management Tasks

Where the purpose is clear, the strategy is reconciled and the structure is accordingly assembled and maintained, new tasks are constantly being set, the solution of which must move the organization to the next stage of development.

Existing clients often turn to us, and often, we offer to help them solve their most pressing system management tasks.

The content of the tasks may mean, for example: the development of the assortment, the development of the personnel base, the organization of the sales system, the quality control of products or services, the establishment of labor turnkey, evaluation and incentive systems, and many others.

Synergy Group

The Approach of Solving the Complex Management Tasks


We try to study the essence of the problem (task) in detail. What is the goal, what are the barriers, etc. For which we must conduct a certain number of interviews with employees, clients, and other related people.


We try to study in detail how competitors solve such a task, for which we also must select competitors and investigate these issues with them.


We try to study what is the best practice for solving the same issue in the world, in similar countries, in similar markets.

After that, simultaneously with this work, we create a working group of the relevant employees in the organization and together with this group we start the process of working out ways to solve the problem.

We prepare materials for meetings and conduct meetings so that together with them we can understand the goals, objectives, alternative strategies, find the necessary ideas, select them, and convert them into action, operational and financial plans.

Together we prepare a plan for solving the tasks and present it to the management for their approval.

If necessary, we help in the implementation of the developed plan or in the management of the plan implementation process or in the part of the plan that the management assigns to us.

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